Learn to Ballroom Dance downtown Grand Junction!

At La Puerta Dance Studio we specialize in making partner dancing fun and easy to learn.  Whether you just want to learn how to dance socially or you want to compete at a high level, we have the instructors that will help you reach your dance goals. 

Our private lessons will help you develop your foundation and the style and technique needed to look like an experienced dancer.

We offer a wide variety of exciting group lessons to fit any budget.  Group lessons are a great way to develop your leading and following ability while learning new patterns.  

No partner? No problem!  We offer a wide variety of ways to learn and we accept couples and singles.  To see our full list of classes and dances taught visit our classes page.

We are conveniently located at 421 Colorado Ave in Downtown.  Call today to set up a  trial lesson!

Why dance? 

Exercise- Dance contributes to good posture and body alignment, which in turn improves balance.  Dance also increases flexibility, stamina and your cardiovascular system.

Social Skills- Dance offers men and women the chance to meet new friends, and share an exciting new skill with others.  It increases your self-confidence and ability to interact with others.

Romance- Bring the romance back into your relationship by learning to dance to your favorite music together.

Other Benefits of Dance- self-confidence, increased popularity, recreation and entertainment, overcoming shyness, stress relief, networking, and weight loss. 

La Puerta Dance Studio is located at 421 Colorado Ave in downtown Grand Junction!  Come and see the largest dance floor in Grand Junction.